Istra Toner

Who is Istra Lazarić Toner? 

I was born in Montenegro, now live in UK and Croatia. I have always loved discovering and learning and there is so much more for me to do. Every 12 years or so I change my interest from medicine to psychology to art and all creative forms where I delight in exploring the fragility of human existence and pressures on the ecosystem. I look for beauty in discarded and reclaimed materials giving them soul and significance.


Istra’s inspiration

Wirral to me is the feel of warm soft sand under my bare feet, the space, open, going on forever, as far as the eye can see; the sky vast with greyness and heaviness dipping at the horizon and resting on the sandy line of land, open and vast, stretching out endless and forever.
The wind that rustles up the sand and the water curling it up as if ribbons of laced foam; flocks of white birds that rest on the shores, then rise up in clouds of fantasy and wonder. The air that is fresh and clear whipped up in sharp razors that cut in from the sky and down to the sand dunes and on to the tall blue sea grass. Images of Viking ships driven in by the winds on the sands on their slender sails; at present walking their dogs on the front.  They leave their footprints on the sand.

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