Viv Netherwood

Who is Viv Netherwood?

It is strange to think of myself as an artist as I have not studied art since school (a long time ago).
Over the years I have dabbled with various art forms, then one day I tried making felt and found something deeply satisfying about it. I love the feel of the wool, the varied colours, imagining new designs, even the sheep. The challenge of trying new techniques and thinking up designs has given me a creative drive. Who knows where it will lead.

Viv’s Inspiration

When pondering how I should represent where I live I wrote down what Wirral means to me:
Wirral is big sky, ferry across the Mersey, 2 Mersey tunnels, ice cream at Parkgate, walk around the marine lake, stand on Thor's anvil, pick your own fruit, cut in 2 by motorway, Viking parliament, faded glamour in New Brighton, fish and chips at Leasowe lighthouse, wind farm at sea, Wirral 500, look to Wales.

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